$25 Dixie Fire Mattress Donation Fund
$25 Dixie Fire Mattress Donation Fund
$25 Dixie Fire Mattress Donation Fund

$25 Dixie Fire Mattress Donation Fund

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This is a place you can Donate Funds to our Dixie Fire Home Loss Customer's NEW MATTRESS, so they can sleep well! 

Gather Home is reducing the price of all in stock and in some cases special ordered Diamond, Corsicana & Malouf Mattresses by 35% OFF for Dixie Fire Survivors that have lost their home. Each Household can receive 1 mattress per person or couple from their residence that this "tab"/fund allows for! This would give any kids involved new beds also! This fund will assist in covering the remainder of the NEW Mattress after the discount!  We ask that you Donate and we look forward to sharing YOUR gift to someone in need! If you know some one in need of a new mattress... Please have them come shop with us for at least a 35% Discounted Mattress! We are in hope of donations being available to use. 

We look forward to offering this for a few years as some families goals are to rebuild! If the funds aren't there to cover the balance - Gather Homes' 35% Discount will stand for many of the residence of Greenville, Canyon Dam, Indian Falls, Twain, Milford/Janesville, Lake Almanor West... and we hope to not add to the LIST! That this fire is put out.  

"Some people will just relocate so they won't need a local mattress"

WELL... we can ship it to them! We need real proof of the lost home that will qualify them for this generous donation from our clients and friends. 

** Gather Home is in Efforts to Open Currently.

Questions Call Rachelle at 530-249-4932

  • Thank you for your Help... in HELPING OTHERS GATHER HOME!