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BLISS Automation

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No Longer a Luxury

It’s the new normal. Automation has become an integral part of today’s home and lifestyle choices. Our state-of-the art automation options provide convenience, comfort and time savings that add even more value to window coverings purchases.

Automation Maximizes Window Coverings Benefits

Beauty & Light Control

  • No operating cords to distract from the beauty of the window covering

  • Light control on demand with the touch of a button or an app

  • Shades can be scheduled automatically to open and close when needed

Privacy & Security

  • Schedule shades to close at dusk and raise at dawn

  • Open or close shades using an app at home or while away

  • Safely operate tall or hard-to-reach windows

Energy Efficiency & UV Protection

  • Block heat and cold resulting in lower heating and cooling bills

  • Shades can be set to open and close during specific times during the day

  • Prevent harmful UV rays from damaging interior furnishings


  • Safety - no cords make it safe for homes with children or pets

  • Easy to operate - great option for those with mobility issues

  • Value - enjoy all the benefits while increasing the home’s value

BLISS Automation By Alta

Get comfortable with automation! BLISS Automation delivers uncomplicated systems designed for the everyday user while the comprehensive range of motor offerings ensures that no window will be left behind. The intuitive plug & play accessories provide hassle-free set up and use.

Solutions For Every Window

The BLISS Automation portfolio includes a range of motors suited for a variety of window sizes. From small and narrow to wide and long openings, BLISS Automation has a motor solution for any project. Check out the Automation Line-up Quick Guide for details.

Harness The Power of The Sun

The BLISS Solar Panel utilizes sunlight to trickle charge BLISS motors. Understanding the sun’s motion relative to the installation location is critical for optimal performance. Keep in mind, each shade/blind will need its own solar panel to connect to. Check out the BLISS Solar Panel Installation Guide for more tips and considerations.